What is Functional Medicine?


Individualized Health Care

Functional Diagnostic Medicine is complex and simple at the same time. Its often called smart medicine and is the most up-to-date health care system. Functional Medicine works by addressing underlying causes of chronic diseases, specific for each patient. It's a bridge connecting science and medicine. The focus is on how the body works and the treatments needed for optimal function.

We will combine the knowledge of conventional medicine with the new and up-to-date information of functional medicine. 

By doing this we will ensure to monitor and treat your body individually. Working in conjunction with your current medical provider.

*This is not a replacement for your primary doctor.*


Personalized Protocol

Lets discover the cause of your individual symptoms. We will dig to the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. There can be many factors including nutritional and biochemical imbalances that are making you feel ill. We will actually listen to you and your symptoms! Our bodies are able to give us signals when something is wrong, its about time we listen to them!

Using the most advanced laboratory tests aids in the search for underlying triggers to the disease process.

  • Share the healing power of tailored nutrition, and the principles of an energetic lifestyle.
  • Connect to the wisdom of your body! Learn how to heal yourself on a biospecific level. We are committed to researching your body and its specific requirements. 


The Plan

Being involved in your own health has never been easier! 

With our plan of care we are able to do the consultations over the phone while your sitting outside, or where ever you want to be! This beats sitting in the doctors office waiting room! We are excited to start helping patients with life long illnesses.